Artist Statement 

My work brings together painting, drawing, collage, and photography. I do not see one superior to another. All have the potential to capture an image and a meaningful composition within a frame. I am constantly taking pictures with my 35mm film camera to capture moments that interest me. My photographs help me take in the physical world around me and organize my ideas for paintings. 

My goal is to make my paintings feel alive, and using found objects and materials in the creative process helps to achieve this. I keep rocks, shells, sticks, bark, pine cones, flowers, old books, wood scraps, and other various materials sprawled around the studio. I use these physical objects as subjects, materials, and utensils for my paintings. 

In a time of constant artificial stimulation, I find it increasingly important to shine a light on the subtle beauty found in the natural world. The moment is constantly evolving, so I hold onto the present with a curious eye and a playful hand. Through the process I form a personal connection to my surroundings, and tap into a deeper understanding of myself. 

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